Classical Music Rave turns into a 'Rêve' with top solo violinist Rosanne Philippens

“My aim in a concert hall (or in any other place where music is heard), is to arouse feelings of togetherness. This is what makes music so essential: that wordless power of expression that brings people together.”

We are very (very) happy to welcome the violinist Rosanne Philippens at the Classical Music Rave on 22 August 2014 in Undercurrent, Amsterdam. She is an outstanding musician who mesmerizes her audiences with a unique sound and a charming personality. We especially like her because she isn't afraid to try new concepts (such as playing late at night!).

Check out this video of her and Yuri van Nieuwkerk performing 'Motion Games' a jazzy new work by the pianist and composer Thomas Beijer. 

The Dutch newspaper Volkskrant about Rosanne: 

 Philippens conjures up a wondrous world of colour from her Bergonzi, from bright reds to misty greys. Even with thin flageolet harmonics, she still manages to create a melodic line.” 

We are all looking forward to listen to the colorful world of sound that Rosanne will conjure up at the Classical Music Rave, shortly after midnight.