Will Fuse light ravers on fire at the next Classical Music Rave?

Fuse is a string collective from Amsterdam with musicians that have their roots in classical, jazz, latin and pop music. With a set-up of five string players and drums Fuse demonstrates how to cross the borders of musical genres. 

The FUsion String Ensemble will make an appearance at the Classical Music Rave in Amsterdam in the night of Friday 22 August 2014 at around 2:15 AM. 

In this video Fuse show how classical and jazz mix into a raving session with jazz pianist Kuru in Speak Like a Child [J.Pastorius, H.Hancock]. 

FUSE has played several large Dutch venues and festivals such Parkpop, Paradiso, Melkweg, De Uitmarkt and The Hague Jazz Festival and played with artists like Wouter Hamel, Moke, Benjamin Herman, Live, Marco Borsato, Schradinova and New Cool Collective. FUSE is also featured on various film and television productions, including the soundtrack for Dutch blockbuster movie ‘Gooise Vrouwen’. 

Fuse will also perform a full show with guest artist Benjamin Herman the following day at People's Place for the Grachtenfestival.